7 June 2015

7th June 1945: applying for Utility furniture

Marcelle Lestrange looks at her permit for Utility furniture
 which she has just received from Chelsea Borough Council in March 1943
7 Thur. Very mild, some nice sunny periods especially late in the day; very rough SW wind. To Morden to buy sultanas etc also got a Utility furniture form at the fuel office – this sounds funny but that is where you get the paper. Got fish at Merton also bought a pound of figs there @ 9d lb. and six point coupons: a rare treat! Addie called to borrow a screwdriver; gave her a Marchioness of Linlithgow rose – nearly black.

Note: Utility furniture was a UK government scheme from 1942-1952 to cope with shortage of raw materials and organise rationing.

An oak dressing table designed by the Utility Design Panel
 about 1943. Made by 
Heal & Son, 1947.

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