8 June 2015

8th June 1945: wet work

8 Fri. Very mild, heavy showers, very boisterous but periods of pleasant sunshine. Did the Fri. morning shopping locally. Met Harold; he is going to-day to Ilfracombe for a holiday; Winnie and Sylvia are already there. Dorothy the cleaner woman did not come to-day. To Morden to buy something at the chemists. To Farley’s to enquire about a new double bedstead. Took the damaged leaded glass doors of the bookcase to Baker’s, Motspur Prk. for repair. They are heavy but I carried them under one arm and wheeled my bike with the other. Had not got far when it rained very heavily but I got there – very wet howbeit. Cycled back quickly. Mrs. Baker said she knew the Pontifexes: they lived next door here until the first bombing.

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