17 June 2015

17th June 1945: Sundays, Sundays...

17 Sun. Rather warm, much pleasant sunshine. Am looking after Mrs. Veale’s two cats. Many children called; showed them Mrs. Child’s cuckoo clock. To Church Anniversary in evening; then to Holland Gardens to see the roses.

Holland Garden is a secluded open space in the west of Wimbledon, accessible from Cambridge Road, Pepys Road and Cottenham Park Road (this last being the road with Fred's Methodist church). It was a gift to the people of Merton from Lady Holland in 1928, in memory of her husband Sir Arthur Holland, who founded Wimbledon and Mitcham Library and was President of Wimbledon Football Club. The Holland family house, Holmhurst (now demolished), was located at the top of the hill near Westside Tennis Club.

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  1. This being midsummer, the clocks were advanced by two hours (Double Summertime) to make best use of the daylight hours and save electricity. On this particular day sunset would have been at about 10.15pm, so plenty of time to go and see the roses after evening church.