14 June 2015

14th June 1946: those leaded glass bookcase doors

14 Thur. Mild, some nice sunny periods; less wind. To Merton to buy fish. Bought pair of pump clips and fitted them to bicycle: have not carried a pump for years but have never been held up by a puncture but am not now taking risks. The leaded glass bookcase doors I took for repair were finished to-day but were delivered by mistake to 66 Sydney Rd. Mr. Wheeler the greengrocer told me they were there so I went and collected them. Fitted them to the bookcase which looks almost like new. In evening to pay Mr. Baker for the repair; he was surprised when I told him it was delivered to 66 Sydney Rd. Thence to see Uncle Ben at Malden; he gave me a young loganberry which I put in.

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