9 May 2015

9th May 1945: the merry party continues

9 Wed. Mild, cloudy, slight showers but a little weak sun. Short cycle ride in afternoon. Passing Coombe woods heard the blackbird, thrush, cuckoo, nightingale, chaffinch, pheasant among other birds. Ah, the swallows are here! The Victory celebrations continue. A large bonfire was lit at night at the Kingston Rd. end of Chestnut Rd. A piano was brought out and dance music played while people including Chas. and Doris danced and sang: a merry party. A few fireworks were let off. Another magnificent searchlight display. Hundreds of searchlights swirled and waved their long arms about the sky in a bewildering manner, at other times forming up into a huge concentration. The effect was marvellous and a dance band in Bushey Rd. played and seemed to form a jolly accompaniment to the lights.

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