8 May 2015

8th May 1945: Victory Day - singing & dancing in the streets

8 Tues. Rather warm after a storm in the night. Some hazy sunshine, but altogether a fine day for such an occasion. VICTORY DAY. The surrender of Nazi Germany was ratified to-day in Berlin. There is still some sporadic fighting where Nazis have ignored the command to cease fire. The actual time when the cease fire order is officially declared is one minute after midnight to-night. Heard Mr. Churchill’s broadcast at 3.0 p.m. today. To Church in evening to give thanks to God for our great deliverance. A loudspeaker in the Church broadcast the King’s message to His people. There were bonfires in this (Chestnut) road at night and Hitler was burned in effigy. There were fireworks elsewhere and people were singing and dancing in the streets accompanied by pianos wheeled out of houses. A magnificent searchlight display late at night rounded off a memorable day. Kathy Kingham had a baby boy to-day – a victory baby indeed: Rodney, Victor.

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