2 May 2015

2nd May 1945: 'The war may end any moment.'

2 Wed. White morning frost, rather cold, cloudy day, becoming finer; wind lessening and veering to westward. Got the groceries as usual, also bought cod fillets in Martin Way and a few things in Morden. Repaired controlling device in R&A speaker. The whole of the German forces in N Italy and W Hungary surrendered to-day. Over 900,000 men were taken prisoner: the whole of Italy is free. British troops have driven right across the base of the Schleswig Peninsula and reached the Baltic: Hamburg and Kiel are cut off. The German radio announces that Hitler was killed in Berlin saying he fought to the death: other reports say he died of a stroke some while ago: reports so far do not ring true: Admiral Doenitz replaces him. The war may end any moment now. When the all clear sounded at 7.58 a.m. on Wed 28th March last, I said to Ciss, “that is the last time you will hear the syrens”. I spoke prophetically. We have not had a warning since, and, today it is announced that the warning syrens have been discontinued.

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