16 May 2015

16th May 1945: post-war... repairs

16 Wed. Very mild to rather warm. Lovely sunny day, enlivened with a freshening breeze. Wrote letter to Uncle Tom. Got the groceries also bought sausage meat and something for Dinky. Gwennie and Laurie called. Gwennie was a bit troublesome in a charming way and wanted me to take her on my bike when I went to Morden to buy a paper. Aunt Liza called. Fred Lea took the strings of pennants down for Mrs. Veale; I took them in to her and had a look at the damaged gramophone: the diaphragm of sound box is buckled with blast. Mr. Lane called to see the piano and organ; he will do them.

The Japanese cruiser Haguro on 2 Nov 1943
 under attack at Rabaul, damaged but surviving the battle of
Empress Agusta Bay
On this day: let's not forget that the war with Japan continues - there are slow and costly advances being made by US forces in Okinawa. A Japanese cruiser Haguro tries to get through to reinforce islands in the Indian Ocean. In the Malacca Straits, in the last surface action of the war involving major warships, the Haguro is sunk by destroyers' torpedoes. 

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