7 April 2015

7 April 1945: returning evacuees speak local dialect

7 Sat. Rather cold, very dull. Cycled to Cheam meat shop and saw an enormous queue. Waited in it for ¾ of an hour but the shop was not even open so gave it up and bought sprats. Bought a paper as it contained photos. of a captured German train loaded with V2. rockets 9 of them, so our experts will soon know all about them. Small amount of gardening. Dear Monica called; she has been at Heanor Notts. for nine months, since the beginning of the flying-bombs: like all the children who go away she came back speaking the local dialect. She recognised the door we now have at the back of the house as coming from her demolished house, it was previously the door of her auntie Winnifred’s bedroom. Gave Nita Hart a sweet - sunshine girl. To Cannon Hill Common** to plant three roots of yellow river flags**** at the water’s edge by the lake. They should like well as I chose a spot where they will fit naturally into the scene: must keep my eye on them.

**A local resident's video documentary history of Cannon Hill Common - with old photos - well researched. Thank you William Hobbs.

**** flags = irises = flowers, typically purple or yellow
"Iris unguicularis 170208" by Vassil - Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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