28 April 2015

28th April 1945: 'exciting reading'

28 Sat. Rather cold, bitter N wind, snow showers, one a heavy one, also sleet, rain and some sunshine which made the roads steam. To Cheam but no meat; bought fish at Stonecot Hill. Did shopping locally. Newspapers make exciting reading, including reports that Hitler and Goebbels were shot three days ago. Himmler has assumed power in Germany and will surrender to Britain and USA but not to Russia: the Allies have, of course, refused. Made a new spring and fitted it to lock of back door.

Clara Petacci
On this day: his news isn't quite accurate. Mussolini and mistress Clara Petacci and other Fascists have been caught near Lake Como as they tried to escape to Switzerland. Italian partisans shot them, mutilated the bodies, and hung them upside down from a girder above a service station in Milan's main square. Meanwhile Berlin is still under siege, with Soviet troops within a mile of Hitler's bunker.
Benito Mussolini (second from left) and Clara Petacci (centre) hung by their heels 

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