12 April 2015

12th April 1945: Roosevelt dies; troops near Berlin; bomb-damaged organ

Franklin D Roosevelt (1882-1945)
12 Thur. Very mild, lovely sunny day. Posted letter for Ciss, also to chemists. Bought fish at Merton. Gave the mattresses another airing in the sunshine. Washed the blast dust off the gate-legged table, the piano and the organ: oil-rubbed the top of the organ. The organ is badly scarred with hundreds of particles of flying glass. The action is damaged but have not yet discovered how it takes to pieces. Gwennie came this afternoon. Allied troops are only 60 miles from Berlin. President Roosevelt died at 10.0 o’clock to-night as the result of a stroke. He died in the hour of his greatest triumph: in the hour of victory over Germany. He declared war on Hitler and did so much to help us in our national hour of need.

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