25 March 2015

25 Mar 1945: train full of American soldiers... buds & blooms

25 Sun. Mild, overcast all day; calm. Warning from 7.50 to 8.0 a.m. one flying bomb distant in SE. Short walk along rail path in afternoon; saw a Pacific loco. also a special train full of American soldiers. The white magnolia is out, the mauve nearly so. The chestnuts are showing the tiny spikes of bloom buds already: hawthorn hedges are open: even the buds on the beeches are breaking. Mrs Akroyd to tea. Rocket with single report at 10.33 p.m. in NE I think. This rocket fell in Theobalds Rd. Holborn.

Continued: Very distant rocket in NE at 11.0 p.m. Another in N with double explosion at 11.43 p.m.

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