8 February 2015

8th Feb 1945: cameoid (?) wallpaper

8 Thur. Rather cold; very dull, light rain all day. Bought sausage meat in morning, also took some small birthday cake candles to McAinsh’s in Vernon Avenue; they will be put on Jeanette’s birthday cake; she will be five. Finished cleaning out kitchen cupboard and started removing the cameoid** relief paper in dining room; it was damaged in the bombing, the walls being cracked.

**Can anyone help with this word? Small pictures? Cameos?

See the comments below. And Peter Crocker offers this photo:


  1. Hi: It is a type of relief wallpaper invented by the Lincrusta-Walton company in 1888, and put into production in 1896. It is actually called "Caméoid". I found out about it in "Cheap, Quick, & Easy: Imitative Architectural Materials, 1870-1930" by Pamela Hemenway Simpson.

  2. Caméoid sounds very similar to Anaglypta (from the Greek, meaning ‘raised cameo’) which is a white wallpaper with a raised pattern, painted in your choice of colour after being hung. We had this kind of wallpaper in our hallway in my childhood. Anaglypta can still be bought in wallpaper shops.
    After reading Alexander’s comment (above) and the webpage (below) it looks as though Caméoid and Anaglypta were competing products from the 1880s on.