7 February 2015

7th Feb 1945: ten V-2 flying-bombs

7 Wed. Rather chilly, rain all the morning, but a fine sunny afternoon. Got the groceries in morning also bought a nice birthday card for dear Connie Bradley. Started cleaning interior of cupboard in living room also did the room door. Saw Mr. Conley who has been seriously ill but who is now sitting up for a short while now. Dear Addie called. Heavy rocket at 10.55 a.m. followed by others less loud at 11.15, 11.30, 11.40, 11.55, all a.m. At 1.12, 1.25, 1.43, 1.52, and 3.0 all pm!

Note: diary reader Peter Crocker alerts us to a 1992 paperback by Bob Ogley, 'Doodlebugs and Rockets', which contains a list of where all V-2 rockets landed, with dates and times. Peter says that Uncle Fred is 'uncannily accurate in his reporting... being within 10 minutes of official times and 5 mins of a great many.' He adds, 'So many V-1 came over - 9251 plotted - that possibly no accurate list was kept. 33 are recorded as falling in Wimbledon borough.'  Today, 7th Feb, Uncle Fred records far more than those in the list; Peter Crocker speculates that these may have been V-1s, which were launched intermittently throughout this period, mainly on the Essex area.

An excerpt from Bob Ogley's book, 'Doodlebugs and Rockets'. 

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