2 January 2015

2nd Jan 1945: Paddy's work on house continues

2 Tues. The thaw is complete but it is raw cold, dismal and damp. Very loud rocket at 2.40 a.m: have been told it fell at Richmond. The Irish joiner Paddy fitted the new glazed window sashes in the back upstairs rooms. He also levelled the floor boards in living room. To Morden to buy fish. Alf’s Lily called. Addie brought back cake decorations Ciss lent her. A man called from the Council* and took details of what repairs had been done to the house and what is still outstanding. Posted letter to Harold Marshall.

*The house is privately owned by a landlord.

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  1. The understandable delays in getting repairs done must have been hard to bear during a very cold winter. It was about this time that my family returned one dark evening to our home not far from Fred's, after being evacuated to Stoke-on-Trent for several months. My sister tells me the windows in the dining room were still boarded up and there was one rather feeble light bulb hanging from the ceiling. A gloomy setting, perhaps, but I only remember that my aunt was there frying sausages for us and we were all very happy to be home. The atmosphere was almost festive.