23 January 2015

23rd Jan 1945: snow... rocket... and young Addie's clock

23 Tues. Still very cold, severe frost later: snowing all day. Started writing letter to Chas. Staden. Trudged through the snow to the Merton meat shop in afternoon, also did shopping locally. Rocket at 7.15 .m. distant in NE. The loud rocket at 2.35 p.m. yesterday fell at Park Road, Kingston Hill. Addie called in evening, and I went in there to see about repairing the moulding on their clock case.

Note: this is a (pdf) link to a 1945 Met 0ffice 1945 monthly report brought to our attention in a comment on this post.

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  1. What a cold, snowy January! And with rationing of coal, electricity and food, staying warm was not easy. My sisters and I were encouraged to stay in bed until lunchtime on non-schooldays.
    The Met Office report confirms that temperatures were well below average: