29 December 2014

29th Dec 1944: frost, fog, flying bombs and a premature death

29 Fri. Six degrees of frost midday: have never seen thicker hoar frost. Fog exceedingly thick especially at night. To butchers, got beef for a change, also to grocers, bakers and paper shop in morning. In afternoon on foot to Merton in the bitter weather but no meat there. Thence to Wimbledon: bought fish and a cycle lamp battery there. Rocket at 6.45 p.m. distant in NE. Rocket at 10.40 p.m. in SE. Heard today of the death of Edie Burton on Boxing Day at the age of 46. She never had good health and had been in failing health for a long time. She was the same age as Connie Bradley and Edie Hopkins and they all attended Ciss’ class together. May heaven give to her what she lacked in this life – R.I.P.

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