26 December 2014

26th Dec 1944: played dirty hearts with neighbours

26 Tues. Boxing Day. Severe frost continues all day but fog not so thick. Ciss returned from Tolworth this morning with some presents. Went into next door 68 to see if they would like Ciss and I to go in this evening: they would. Little Dennis was charming. I built him a house of wooden bricks and knocked it down with a ball. Mrs. Hockney and Mrs. Veale were on their own and were pleased of our company, making a change for us as well. In evening we played “Auctioneer”, the spelling game and dirty hearts*. Also showed them some card tricks. A very happy evening. A rocket during the evening.

*Rickety Kate in Australia - 'Rickety Kate' is the Queen of Spades. Various descriptions online. Here's a clear one: go to game description & illustrations

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