21 December 2014

20 Dec 1944: ceiling+window+gas light+loudspeaker=comfort

20 Wed. Very cold, dismal; a wet fog all day. The men came to cover seams in plaster-board ceilings with paper strips. The joiners put in two more windows upstairs which completes the upstairs front windows. The gas man fitted four lights for us which were damaged by the bomb: so now we are well on the way to comfort again. To buy tin of salmon locally in morning. Aunt Hannah called with invitation to go there Sunday afternoon. Took ginger wine essence to Mrs. Child in afternoon and brought away wireless set I lent to her some while back. Fitted it up temporarily in evening and got it going. First time we have had a loudspeaker set since the bombing in July. Gave the younger Child children a shilling each for Xmas and sixpence to Victor Conley as it is his birthday. Boiled the Xmas puddings today.

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