21 December 2014

19th Dec 1944: ginger wine... & Welsh influence on evacuee

19 Tues. Raw cold, dull; misty later. The men finished boarding passage ceiling and walls. As they are not allowed to give a finishing coat of plaster, their work is done until the ban on finishing is lifted. Gas man called: says he will do our job tomorrow. On foot to Merton to buy Dinky’s meat; also bought ginger wine essence and tapers.

Put the clothes airer up again in scullery having had to take it down while the new ceiling was put up. Ann Conley came back from N. Wales to-day where she has been since the flying bombs began. I saw her: she has grown taller and speaks like a little Welsh girl – most charming. Bought a new book for writing my 1945 diary.
Fred's 1944 diary ended with a few spare pages. Inside the back cover he has diagrams
of his rhubarb bed and his methodical pattern of replanting. Also, on the left,
 is next door's young widow's address while she was away after the bombing.
At the top of the right hand page (inside back cover) is the telephone number of
Holloway Bros - the major construction company - where his sister, his lifelong
companion, worked - Theresa, always known as 'Ciss',

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