20 December 2014

18th Dec 1944: Slate Club Xmas share-out: 17 shillings

18 Mon. Rather cold but fine bright sunny day with a clear blue sky. Warning at 4.0 a.m. Saw 11 clusters of searchlights following the courses of flying bombs. The sky was very clear and I saw one with its tail of flame but they were all a great way off. I saw the flashes as they went off but did not hear the bang except in one case to N. All clear 4.50 a.m. Further warning at 5.50 a.m. One very distant E, one very distant S: all clear 6.20 a.m. The men stripped the plaster from walls and ceiling of passage, then covered in with plaster board. They erected a staging in the passage and getting in and out was awkward and messy, the place being heaped up with chunks of plaster. When Mrs. Veale saw it she called it crazy paving. Did a lot of shopping locally morning and afternoon, buying among other things Xmas cards and also posting some. Got the Slate Club share-out in evening – 17/-. Visited Mrs. Child.

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