2 November 2014

--------------- Your opinions & ideas, please ---------------

Dear Readers,

Fred's last diary entry is on 1st January 1969, that's 25 years from now. I believe it will be at or shortly before the death of his sister, his lifelong companion.

Clearly his wartime memories have special interest, and peace will bring a different flavour to his life. So, looking to the future, how do you think I might proceed?

One day at a time, as now, with the occasional notes I add on world events? Or summaries - perhaps less about the weather! - bringing in more than one day at a time (and reducing the 70 year gap between his writing and our reading), but not losing the flavour of Fred's own words and unique perspective on life? I've not read ahead myself in the actual diaries, just dipped - and I see there's a reference, for instance, to taking his first colour photographs. There is certainly social history in the pages.

Comments and thoughts most welcome - in public, here - or privately if you wish - if you type the e-mail name tony and after that: ...that is my main personal mail.


Tony French

PS I have promised to donate the actual diaries to the library service in the Merton/Raynes Park area - with no commitment as to when.

PPS Approaching 100 people read these pages each day.  


  1. I have been reading 'Uncle Fred' for some time now and thoroughly enjoy the way you do it now.
    However, if you feel there are places to be skipped but not lose the flavor and 'story' so to say,
    please do so. I am glad to hear that you will donate these historical diaries.
    Best to you always....

  2. I am torn between the historical satisfaction of reading Fred’s diary 70 years later, to the day, and the practical considerations of keeping it going for another 25 years. After mulling it over for a few days, I’m beginning to think that shortening the time-frame would be acceptable.