5 November 2014

5th November 1944: nasty weather... tea for a few

5 Sun. Rather cold, cloudy, wind of hurricane force; rain later. The wind blew one of the damaged houses in this road down. To tea at Mrs Child’s. Geoffrey Trory** was there. Warning from 7.30 to 8.30 p.m. one flying bomb in S: I was returning from Mrs. Child’s when it came down.

**I couldn't be sure of the spelling from Fred's handwriting, but have now researched - a Geoffrey  Brian Trory ARCO (I guess an Associate of the Royal Colleg of Oragnists... without having looked it up) was indeed an organist at Cottenham Park methodist and was mentioned as an organist in a BBC 'Songs of Praise' by the BBC researching whether a 60s' programme mentioned in the 'Radio Times' was ever in fact broadcast! 

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