2 November 2014

2nd November 1944: railway bombed... helped neighbour with gas cooker (post bombing)... happy, innocent, dancing days

2 Thur. Cold, some hazy sunshine in afternoon. Loud rocket at 3.30 a.m. it fell on the railway between Surbiton and Thames Ditton. Two loud rockets following each other at 10.10 a.m. Another very loud one with a shattering echo at 5.5 p.m. A letter from Mrs. Hockney to which I replied. She asked me to instruct the gas men where to put the gas cooker in her repaired house next door. Bought sausage meat, posted a letter and bought a curtain rod locally. Also bought fish and a paper at Morden. Little Pauline took my arm and danced along the road with me this afternoon this afternoon: she is a happy little love. Bought sweets: gave Clifford some.

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