29 November 2014

29th November 1944: flying-bomb's blast & woof...

29 Wed. Cold, dull morning but the sun was pleasant in the afternoon. Got the groceries at Eyle’s also sausage meat at Johnson’s. Thence to Shorts’ to buy soda and matches. More work on Mrs. Veales fence, halved a piece of Harris rail in the gap where it was broken and filled in the gap with palings. There is still more to do yet. More wall-paper stripping in sitting room. Man painted the outside of new back window. At 11.55 p.m. a heavy rumbling explosion. I heard the blast wooff and hiss past the shelter – presumably a rocket in SE direction.


  1. Would Eyle’s be Ely's in Wimbledon or was there another store locally named Eyle’s ?

  2. There's still a department store - Elys - see - I'm inclined to think, as we're talking groceries - and Fred wrote Eyle's clearly - that it was a different shop. On the other hand, some street names he wrote a little inaccurately/phonetically - but usually he is an immaculate speller.