22 October 2014

69,988 + medals + lanes

Just one of those passing statistics... I just noticed that this blog has been viewed 69,988 times... so your's could be the 70,000th!

Also, recently, a reader queried Fred's exemption/or WWI service. I have a medal... and our reader traced exactly what it is... probably (on an unpaid for search) awarded to Fred's brother in WWI... for services rendered to 'King and Empire'. If anyone would like details or to explore, do please contact me.

One more thing. A friend noted that the road next door to the C of E (presumably) church in which Fred's 'Dear Mother's grave' lies is called CHAPEL Lane - and she wondered at that, given that a chapel is non-C of E....  Comments welcome!

Another thought. As a result of this blog, I wonder if the grave could be gently restored? Our readers' photo, having traced it, shows a cross lying flat... restoration may almost be indecent among the other untended graves. But, just a thought.

Tony French   

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