31 October 2014

31st October 1944: high & fast rockets, no defence possible

31 Tues. Cold, very dull, N. wind; showers. To the Cheam meat shop: also shopping locally. Saw Pacific loco 21C6. Finished the moulding above sitting room window and cleaned out the room. At 3.0. a.m. heard a very loud rocket fall. Warning from 6.50 to 7.0 a.m. one flying bomb distant S. At 7.45: a rocket. From 8.0 to 8.30 a.m. one flying bomb, NE. From 8.55 a.m. to 9.2 a.m. one near NE. During the day heard three rockets: they travel so high and fast no warning can be given and there are no possible counter measures: they carry about 3½ tons of explosive. Very loud rocket at 9.5 p.m. in N direction.

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