24 September 2014

20th Sept 1944: our house repair men go on strike

20 Wed. Mild, some pleasant sun in afternoon; calm. Warning from 1.55 to 2.45 a.m: one very distant in SE, one in S; Got the groceries in morning locally, of course, also bought fish in Martin Way, and sausage meat at local butchers. Bought newspaper in Wimbledon in afternoon. Men finished slating the roof except the ridges and I am very glad. They finished putting plaster-board ceiling in front bedroom and started boarding the walls after removing more broken lath and plaster. The men then went on strike because their billet is such a long way from their job; there is no amusements within a mile or two and the food is bad. They have been billeted at Wallington in a converted mansion in a wood which seems too secluded for them. Warning at 8.50 p.m: one fairly near in E which shook the place quite severely; one very distant in SE, one fairly near in SE and one very distant in S: all clear 9.40 p.m.

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