1 September 2014

1st Sept 1944: lilac springs to life after bombing

1 Sept. Fri. Very mild, some nice sunny periods. Cycled to North Cheam but the meat shop was closed. Met Uncle Dick there and had a chat. Got some things locally. To Morden in afternoon to buy fish. Ciss came back from Bedford to-day after having had an enjoyable fortnight's holiday free from flying bombs. But to-day so far has been quite free of enemy activity. Cut some nice roses to-day also a head of lilac blossom: several sprays of which have appeared on Mrs Veale's lilac bushes which were blasted into leafless sticks by the bomb but one now coming into bloom again as if it were springtime.

"I always hate to compare Napoleon with Hitler, as it seems an insult to the great Emporer and warrior to compare him in any way with a squalid caucus boss and butcher."
Winston Churchill, in the House of Commons, Sept 1944.

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