24 September 2014

19th Sept 1944: may get a roof again

19 Tues. Mild, very dull, long showers: rainbow in evening. To N. Cheam to stand in the cats meat queue for an hour but got served eventually. In afternoon to Morden Food Office to get an emergency ration card for Mrs Akroyd as she is going on holiday. Warning from 4.15 a.m: it was a flying bomb raid. I heard one distant in SE: all clear at 4.40 a.m. The explosion heard at 7.5 p.m. yesterday was a rocket at Norwood. The men have started putting a plaster board ceiling to front bedroom and a man out the slate battens on the back roof: expect it will be slated to-morrow. It will be a great relief to get a roof overhead again.

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