16 September 2014

16th Sept 1944: roast pork, sage & onions, potatoes, runner beans, marrow - boiled date pudding.

16 Sat. Very mild, small amount of weak sunshine. To Cheam meat shop but they were sold out; bought fish at shop there. Warning from 5.50 to 6.25 a.m. no incident. The raid was made by flying bombs, the first for some time but none came this way. Also loud explosions, probably due to the new rockets at 8.20, 8.35 and 10.30 a.m. These rockets appear to be twice as powerful as flying bombs, no warning can be given of their approach and their detonation is the first thing that can be heard of them: their blast area is said to be a square mile. Cooked the dinner as usual, it was roast pork, sage and onions, potatoes, runner beans and marrow; second course was boiled date pudding. The workmen finished repairing the damaged staircase and cupboard beneath. The temporary crystal set works very well.

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