12 September 2014

12 Sept 1944: mystery explosions... secret weapons... public in dark

12 Tues. Very chilly morning with raging E wind, but the sun shone with some power all the afternoon. To greengrocers in morning also to buy sausage meat. To N. Cheam catsmeat shop in morning to buy meat and liver of excellent quality. Saw where “doodle-bugs” had fallen in Hamilton Drive, Sutton Bye-Pass and Boscombe Av. To Tolworth in afternoon to take Anthony a jar of orange jelly. Saw where “doodle-bugs” had fallen in Tolworth Prk. Rd. – very bad, Alexandra Drive, and at the Lagoon. Alb and Lily called in evening also Harold and Aunt Hannah to collect firewood from the heaps in the road. At 6.20 a.m. a very loud explosion occurred followed by the sound of falling buildings which lasted for almost a minute. There was a mystery explosion at Westcroft Gardens Kew where 9 houses went down and 8 persons killed, this may have been what we heard but it sounded as if it came from another direction, if so there may have been another. There have already been several of these mystery explosions and the public have not been told what they are but it seems fairly certain they are some secret weapon of the enemy.

On this day: Frankfurt bombed with 400,000 incendiaries by British aircraft. Start of 2nd Quebec conference, with Roosevelt, Churchill and their military planners - invasion of Japan agreed. In Europe, British Second Army enters Netherlands, and US troops enter Germany near Trier. Bridgeheads are established across the Moselle. US 3rd Division reaches 1,000yd short of the Siegfried line. 

Britain, US and Russia sign armistice with Rumania, who will join war against Germany and Hungary. Russia promises to return Transylvania to Rumania.

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