17 August 2014

Popular posts in Fred's diary

Note from Tony

You may be interested in knowing what aspects of this blog are attracting particular attention. Well, occasional correspondence gives the most personal picture, and that doesn't always appear as 'comments'. The most 'popular posts' are listed (automatically) if you scroll down and look to the left. Top of the poll is this (link here) Thursday 15th August 1940 headed Battle of Britain, which has been viewed 2,295 times. The heading attracts mentions in searches, but also I added old plates of Croydon Aerodrome, and blog-reader Fred Brewer supplied detailed information. Quite a few readers find this page via Wikipedia.

Next most popular, with 918 readers, is (link here) Monday 3rd March 1941. I'm puzzled by that. Given the many competing entries of interest it doesn't seem special!

By far the most detailed entry, and deservedly popular, is a detailed letter from a reader - Fred Brewer again - seen here: Letter from a reader in 2011. That has been visited 245 times. Perhaps you'll make it 246!

The biggest single boost to readership came with a mention in a local newspaper - a major community project then became interested - but there is ongoing interest through references in a local guide and at libraries.

Regards to all readers. Your feedback, and telling people about the blog, are most welcome.

Tony French

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