28 August 2014

Dear Mother's Grave

Dear Readers,

This post is very different. Nora and Sean Galvin, who live in New Malden, saw the frequent references by Fred to 'Dear Mother's grave'. They set out to locate and photograph this. Nora also researched Fred's family history through census records; the resulting information now informs much of the detail entered under 'Family & homes' on the right-hand side of this blog.

At this stage, I'll show their photos with Nora and Sean's captions here. So this entry does't get lost in the daily journal, I'll create a separate web page - but that's for later.  

St Mary The Virgin,
Merton Park
Walk to the left of the cross,
 some way alongside the wall,

 to a gate...

'Dear Mother's grave'
- now sadly neglected
Through the gate, the grave is about
20ft to the left

The grave, opposite Merton Park Primary school,
separated by a footpath, outside the wall,
which goes through to Erridge Road 

The grave is shaded by the trees to the far left

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  1. This is very exciting news. Top marks to Nora and Sean Galvin for their efforts. I've just spent a few minutes identifying the Bible quotation along the bottom of the gravestone and pondering on its meaning in relation to Fred's mother.