29 August 2014

29th August 1944: doctor's dispenser and his housekeeper killed

29 Tues. Very mild, cloudy & dull; showers. Warning from 11.24 to 11.42 distant SE, one in SE. From 12.10 to 1.23 p.m. one through to NE did not hear it go off and one in E. From 1.52 to 2.19 p.m. one through to N, no explosion. Started to cycle to Cheam cats’ meat shop when warning went at 2.45 p.m: saw two bombs flying at prodigious speed NW: they flew right out of hearing: all clear at 3.5 p.m. From 5.35 to 5.47 p.m. one NE, one SE. From 6.45 to 6.55 p.m. no incident. From 7.12 to 7.27 p.m. no incident. Posted letter to Ciss. Dr Pritchard was injured, his lady dispenser and his housekeeper killed in the Lambton Rd bombing yesterday. From 8.45 to 9.0 p.m. one fell in S after short glide. From 9.15 one came very near, its engine stopped; a short loudly screaming glide ensued followed by the explosion: it fell very near in SW, all clear 9.35 p.m. Fire engines raced along Bushey Road. From 10.17 to 10.40 p.m. one to northward out of hearing, one distant in SE. Warning at 11.0 p.m. one through to N out of hearing: all clear at 6.20 a.m. on 30 Wed.

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