23 August 2014

23rd August 1944: Paris free... to Len's for wireless news

23 Wed. Mild, getting warmer; fine sunny afternoon. Did shopping locally in morning also to Morden. Warning at 4.35 a.m. Seven at various distances SE, one through to N; all clear 6.15 a.m. From 7.50 a.m. two went through to N, did not hear them go off: all clear at 8.40. From 9.12 to 9.35 a.m. no incident. Went for an enjoyable cycle ride in afternoon, through Malden: saw damage at the fountain, Norbiton, down Kingston Hill and home over the Common. To Len Garrod’s in evening to hear the wireless news bulletin. The people of Paris* have risen and freed their own city from the Germans. What grand news. Warning from 8.45 to 9.15 p.m. four flew over to northwards, heard three go off, not very far away.

*On this day: Resistance forces have largely freed Paris after very difficult fighting... then a cease-fire. (Fred's own radio presumably a victim of bombing of his home.) But US and French forces blocked at Versailles. US 5th Division take Fontainbleu.

At the English Channel coast, Deauville is taken, led by Belgium troops.  

Also on this day, Rumania surrenders to Soviet terms.

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