21 August 2014

21st August 1944: 20ft deep crater at Joseph Hood's

21 Mon. Chilly, dismal, driving N wind: rain commencing midday. Warning at 2.20 a.m. one in S, one beside tennis courts in Joseph Hood’s ground, setting fire to a lorry stationed there: one very distant in SE: all clear 6.5 a.m. From 11.15 to 11.40 am, one very distant in NE. To Morden cats’ meat shop in morning. At 12.25 p.m. one through to NW did not hear it explode. Three passed almost overhead and to northward, going off a few miles away: all clear 1.25 p.m. Bought fish in Morden and gas mantle in Raynes Park. At 2.42 pm two went off to northward probably on the Common: all clear 3.2 p.m. From 7.45 to 7.58. One through to N: one distant SE. Workmen removed what was left of the roof and built a temporary structure with tarpaulins draped over it to allow the rain to run off; this is much better. Saw the crater in Joseph Hood’s; it is 20 ft. deep. From 8.15 to 8.43 p.m. one in SE, one distant in SE. Ciss went to Dolly Cooper’s at Wilstead to-day for a fortnight’s holiday. Warning at 11.10 p.m. one in S, one distant in S, one through to N, did not hear it go off. Three very near ones. Have been told one was in Haydon’s Rd & another at Malden Fountain: and one in SE: all clear 6.25 a.m. on 22 Tues.

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