14 August 2014

14th August 1944: our shelter shaken backwards and forwards

14 Mon. Rather warm, fine sunny day. Warning at 6.55 a.m. two distant in SE, one in S, and one fell in the gardens between Vernon Av and Carlton Prk Av: the death toll is said to be heavy: all clear at 7.15 a.m. I went to Vernon and found the Smith’s and the McAinsh’s quite safe but houses were blasted. Laura Ashenden’s house is damaged by blast with plaster and glass strewn everywhere. I inquired after Mrs and Maisie Boyer but their names were not on the casualty list. Ciss and I were in the Anderson shelter which shook backwards and forwards several times when the bomb fell; we saw the great column of smoke which, drifting with the wind, gave us the impression the bomb was further off than it really was. Cycled to Tolworth in afternoon. It is Dad’s eighty-second birthday today. Took his presents and a birthday card. Anthony likes me now and we had a lark together. Cycle ride round the houses in evening and to pay the club.

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