10 August 2014

10th August 1944: coal, a gas mantle & a very noisy bomb

10 Thur. Between very mild and rather warm, some fine gentle sunshine. Warning from 6.0. a.m. no incident. Bought gas mantle etc. locally, also fish at Merton in morning. Alan McAinsh came in afternoon and shovelled our coal, left lying loose since the bombing, into sacks. From 5.45 to 6.2 p.m. A flying bomb came from the SE, its engine stopped, glided a short distance then dived with an indescribable noise which affected my head for a few minutes. It fell and destroyed many houses in Whatley Avenue and did more damage to an already shattered house. Alf’s house in Botsford Rd, very near to the bomb, escaped with a few broken windows and a ceiling down.

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