8 July 2014

7th July 1944: flying-bombs explained

7 Fri. ...the bomb mentioned above fell on Herbert Road, Wimbledon. It did great destruction but there were only a few injuries and no fatalities; the people were all in their shelters. Did the usual Friday morning shopping and some house cleaning in the afternoon. Warning at 12.10...all clear 2pm. From 2.25 to 3.3pm. From 3.30 to 5.45pm. At 6.45pm one (V-1) right through to N; did not hear it go off; all clear at 7.25. From 7.45 to 8.23. At 8.30 pm one probably at Mitcham, saw the smoke rise, also one fairly near in E another in W. All clear at 10.15pm; each one of these flying-bombs explode on impact with the ground and the explosive charge is 2,000 kilograms; about one ton.; blast often carries about quarter of a mile. From 11.40pm, 3 fairly near, one was at earlsfield; also two went right through to NW; one came down at Hampstead and one at Burnt Oak; all clear at 5.27am on Saturday.

Link to Britsh Pathe website with film re defence against V-1

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