29 July 2014

30th July 1944: 'Since the raid my diary has had to suffer...'

30 Sun. Very mild mostly cloudy. Finished cementing shelter and fitted new door. During night alert a bomb fell on the *Rutlish School, also one very near in E, one near in S, one S, one SE, one N, one come from SE and made a great circular flight going N, NW, W, S and finally exploded in SE, one distant in S, also another the same; all clear at 7.40 a.m.

Went to Len Garrod’s to tea. While there an alert sent us to his shelter. Sibyl Middleton also sheltered there; she is a lovely girl, just recovered from a serious illness. Short cycle ride in evening, saw the Rutlish damage. Since the raid my diary has had to suffer, but I must try to get it going again. Warning at 11.45 p.m. Four heavy explosions in SE, two distant in SE. All clear 6.0 am on 31 Mon.

*Note: Rutlish School is a comprehensive school for boys. It is on Watery Lane, Merton Park, southwest London. It was formerly a grammar school.

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