22 July 2014

22nd July 1944: ARP warden killed at Wimbledon rest centre; Shaldon Drive houses destroyed; no rest from flying-bomb attacks

22 Sat.  All clear 6.45 a.m. Also at 7.30 a.m. one in SE, one near in E, one E, all clear 9.50 a.m. From 10.20 a.m. one near in E, one near in SE, two very distant E, one very distant NE, all clear 11.47 a.m. From 1.22 to 1.28 p.m. one very distant SE. To Wimbledon to buy a few things. Warning from 3.17 to 3.55 p.m. one distant in SE. From 4.45 to 5.15 p.m. no incident. From 6.33 to 6.55 p.m. one right through to N. From 9.5 to 10.15 p.m. one in E, one distant in E. The flying bomb which turned a circle yesterday destroyed an A.R.P. rest centre at Wimbledon Park, killing a warden.

Warning at 10.38 p.m. One NE over London, one right overhead and through to N, one distant SE, one SE, one overhead and to NW probably down on Common extension, one SE, one exploded SE after a long glide, near enough to hear the swish, one near N probably on the Common: two SW, one S, one distant in S, one in S, one, a long glide in west, one very near in SW heard it scream down after the engine stopped; this devastated Elm Walk, also another near in SW, this was in Shaldon Drive which I saw later, a number of houses destroyed. One more in S, all clear at 7.45 a.m. on 23 Sun.

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  1. Just yesterday I was telling a woman in her 30s about your blog. She confessed to having only the haziest idea of what wartime life was like and she was amazed to learn that despite the constant bombardment people carried on life as usual, going to work, shopping, doing the garden etc.