20 July 2014

20th July 1944: friend killed

20 Thur. Between very mild and rather warm, very rough but some hazy sunshine. Did some shopping in morning and afternoon and saw where the bomb came down in Nursery Road. From 6.37 a.m. one distant SE, three SE, all clear 6.55 a.m. From 8.19 a.m. three over London, all clear 8.39 a.m. From 9.30 a.m. one in E, one distant SE, one near in E, one distant in N, one E, one very distant in E, one distant E. I waited hours for the all clear and as no more flying bombs came I played the organ so did not hear the all clear. In evening, Alf’s Lily called to say that Jack Garrod had been reported killed on active service in the far E.

Warning at 11.15p.m. one distant in S, two distant in SE, one SE, two fairly distant in N, three distant in SE, one SE, one in S, one in E, one SE, one SW, one right through to N, one in SW, one in S, one glided from S to explode fairly near, one very long glide to explode S, one distant in S, one in S, one very near in E, one distant in E, two in S, one near in the W, one to northward, two in the S, four more in the S, six more in the S, one in SE all clear at 7.7 a.m. on 21 Fri.

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