18 July 2014

18th July 1944: Mitcham paint works on fire

18 Tues. Rather warm, some nice sunny periods. Warning from 1.10 a.m. to 5.58 a.m. Two bombs near in S direction. One in S. From 6.7 to 6.30 a.m. Two in SE, one distant SE, one very distant SE. From 7.35 to 8.10 a.m. one distant SE and two E. From 3.20 to 3.26 p.m. no incident. From 4.25 to 4.36 p.m. one in E. From 5.40 to 5.55 p.m. no incident. From 6.12 to 6.32 p.m. no incident. From 7.38 to 7.50 p.m. no incident. From 8.25 to 8.43 p.m. one in SE. From 10.4 p.m. one very near in E. went to see if Mrs. Child was all right in Chatsworth Av: quite all right it is beyond them; shall hear where it was soon: also two in S. all clear 10.35 p.m. Warning at 10.45 p.m. all clear at 11.10 p.m. no incident. The bomb that fell near in the 10.4 to 10.35 p.m. raid was at Nursery Rd. Morden. Another bomb set a paint works on fire at Mitcham. Warning at 11.25 p.m. one near in the E, one SE, one E, one S, one E one S, one right through to N: did not hear it come down: another through to NW, 2 SE, one NM, one distant SE, one distant E, all clear at 6.0 a.m. on 19 Wed.

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