11 July 2014

11th July 1944: house shaken and jolted by explosions

"the prospects are not rosy"

11 Tues. Very cool and dull. From 9.23 to 9.45am on in SW. From 10.9 to 10.30am a heavy one to S; made the house shake and the windows rattle. From 10.40am a resounding bang from Southfields direction, one distant NE and one SE, all clear at 12.35pm. From 12.54 one in NE one in SE, all clear at 1.35pm. There is quite a lot of London left, but every bomb that falls causes more or less damage over a quarter of a square mile area. The shop window of the Post Office in Kingston Rd was blown in by the bomb which fell at Kings College half a mile away; the prospects are not rosy. From 2.26pm one near in E direction, 2 near in NE, one near in S. All clear at 3.35pm. From 4 to 5pm, one in S. From 5.45pm, one in west direction which jolted the house; must have been fairly near; 2 in the S one in SE all these approached without noise; the flying bombs sometimes glide for miles and the bang is the first thing that is heard of them; all clear at 6.25. From 7.29 to 7.54pm one, I should say about Earlsfield. From 8.15 to 8.22pm one distant in S. From 8.55 to 9.48pm, no incident.

"There is quite a lot of London left..."

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