11 July 2014

10th July 1944: one girl killed, 70 people injured

10 Mon. Rather cool, cloudy, rain. Warning from 9.45am. One fell at Pelhan Rd, S Wimbledon; four fire engines rushed along Bushey Road to assist with the rescues; also one SE, all clear 9.25am. From 10.40 to 11am one in E. Cycled to Morden top buy cat's meat. From 12.21 one distant NE one distant NW. All clear 3.34pm. From 5.24 to 6.10, no incident. At 7.30pm one very near; it fell at Church Lane. Cycled to Alan Spooner's to see how they were; his uncle's house is damaged in Southey Road; all clear at 8.22pm. The bomb referred to above as falling in Pelham Road actually fell in Southey Road; one girl was killed and 70 people injured. Warning at 8.50pm, one bomb to E, one SE, probably Mitcham; all clear at 9.39pm. From 10.23pm, no incident; all clear at 5.55am on 11 Tues.

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