5 June 2014

3rd June 1944: note to a sweep

3 Sat. Very mild to rather warm, a fair amount of moderate sunshine; boisterous west wind. Bought cabbage in morning. Cycled to Morden in afternoon; bought fish and a few other things. Got accumulator at Whitbourn's. Saw Woodley with whom I used to fire-watch at Duff's. Cycled along Grand Drive to find where Malpress, the sweep, lives. I eventually saw his board displayed on 196 Bigon (?) Villas. I dropped a note through his door to say we wanted a chimney swept. Two little girls said "hullo" to me as if they knew me. They were all smiles but I couldn't understand much that they said. God bless them. Doris stayed the night. Gave her and Len a wall mirror from the family as a wedding present.

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