30 June 2014

30th June 1944: bombs and warnings all day and night

30 Fri. Very mild to rather warm, some sunny periods later. From 12.15 a.m. to 6.0 a.m. 8 machines came during the night; some sounded near. From 7.15 to 7.40 a.m.: one went N.W. and exploded. From 8.13 to 8.28 a.m. one passed right overhead and to N.W. out of hearing. From 8.50 a.m. to 1.12 p.m. One to N. right out of hearing. Also one to N.W. and exploded. From 1.23 p.m. one near in Morden direction, also one right over London. All clear 2.28 p.m. 2.50 p.m. Saw one dive headlong. I should say on Wimbledon Common also another I could not locate, one well over to the west, and another very near in N.W. direction; it would be about Christ Church, Copse Hill. All clear 6.25 p.m. During the warning between 8.50 a.m. and 1.12 p.m. a bomb fell at the junction of Richmond Road and Cambridge Road. From 6.0 to 6.45 p.m. one to westward. From 7.10 to 7.23 p.m. no incident. From 7.50 p.m. One fairly near to eastward, probably Merton, on near to N. probably Wimbledon Hill on Common. One right through to northward; one more not located. All clear at 9.0 p.m. - to see if Dixons were all right in Durham Road, also to Richmond to see if Miss Wheals, Madge and Margaret were all right. House damaged but no one hurt. St Matthews Church is utterly destroyed and eight houses opposite in Spencer Road are down. From 9.40 to 10.10 p.m. 1 down in Putney direction. Warning at 11.50 p.m. continuing until 1.45 p.m. on 1 July Sat.  

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