29 June 2014

29th June 1944: all-night alert, flying-bombs night and day

29 Thur. Very mild to rather warm, cloudy, showers; a little sun in between. From 10.27 p.m. on 28th till 7.37 a.m. on 29th; 16 flying bombs; some exploded to S. some to n. and some local; I hear one fell near Nelson Gardens, Merton, another must have fallen in the Combe Lane district. From 7.48 a.m. to 8.20 a.m. one in S.E. From 8.40 to 9.25 a.m. one S.E. one S. From 10.30 to 11.35 a.m. one close to N. I thought this one must have been near Ciss in the office so I phoned her and found she was all right. From 12 noon to 12.15 p.m. one distant S. From 1.15 to 1.50 p.m. no incident. Put finishing touches to cycle adjustment - perfect; I like it to be exact. Cycled to Morden to buy fish in afternoon; returned via Merton and saw where the bomb fell beside the church in Nelson Gardens; blast effects are widespread. Warning from 5.10 to 6.30 p.m. One in Wimbledon Park direction; one in Morden direction. From 7.40 to 7.55 p.m. one distant in the east. At 8.55 p.m. machine came very low; the engine stopped and it dived with a loud report very near' A column of smoke indicated it was in the Cottenham park area. Cycled to Len Garrod's in Lamton Road; he has his windows smashed; he said he thought the bomb was in Durham Road and that St. Matthew's Church was damaged; I will see tomorrow; all clear at 9.15 p.m. From 10.25 to 10.40 p.m. no incident. The bomb at 10.30 this morning fell on the railway near Wimbledon Station, near the concrete "flyover".

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