24 June 2014

24th June 1944: bombs and bikes

24 Sat. Very mild, some pleasant sunshine. From 12.15 a.m. to 5.50 a.m.. A smaller number of flying bombs arrived than of late and none of them were very near; got some sleep. From 6.o a.m. to 7.5 a.m. Ten machines this time and some of them not far away. From 7.50 to 8.40 a.m. Two very loud bomb explosions which sounded near. I don't know what they were because they were unheralded by the great noise made by Hitler's jet-propelled flying bomb. Cycled to Merton in afternoon; bought fish. Cleaned upstairs front windows. Took back wheel of cycle out to clean the free-wheel of the 3-speed gear; it has not worked well for some time. Rode round the houses on it in the evening and found it perfect. Going through Bronson saw Mrs. Collis at her gate so went through to see the garden.

On this day: Cherbourg. Allies drop more than 1,000 tons of bombs at start of battle to re-take the city. In the USA, Roosevelt signs the 'GI Bill' to give returning servicemen a range of benefits.

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